Book Review: The Beggar’s Opera (Fresh Fiction, Texas)

Great review of TBO in Texas by Jennifer Barnhart of Fresh Fiction!  Here are the highlights: you can read the entire review here.


“A compelling mystery that starts a new series worth reading.”

THE BEGGAR’S OPERA by Peggy J. Blair is an intriguing mystery that not only exposes the hidden secrets that haunt a person but those that can haunt a society. I love that the story is set in Cuba and with great sensitivity and understanding. Both the pride and sorrows are written in beautiful and heart-breaking detail, creating a world full of contradictions but with an underlying strength of character.

The story is told through multiple points of view which in the beginning tends to slow the pace but works in the end to weave small pieces of information together to reveal the truth behind Arturo’s death. Ramirez drives the beginning of the story. Celia’s arrival shifts the story more into her territory and by the end Ramirez wraps up. This feels slightly unbalanced because Ramirez and Celia often work against each other to solve the case. Both characters are sharply intelligent, driven, and haunted.

… Set in the dichotomy of Havana, THE BEGGAR’S OPERA is a compelling mystery with flawed, haunted characters that reach beyond stereotypes. Poignant, carefully crafted, and hopeful, Peggy Blair has created a new series that is worth reading.

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