Rogers TV and a new show — Authors Corner

In another one of those “you never know unless you ask” moments, I approached Rogers TV about hosting  a series of interviews with authors during the Ottawa International Writers Festival in April. I had a show on real estate on Rogers TV last fall/winter and really had fun.

And, as it turned, the producer thought it was a great idea — it’s all steam ahead!

I met with Lynne Whitehead last week and she gave me some homework. Find a venue. Find some guests. Figure out a schedule.

So I went online to see who was coming to the Writer Festival and discovered that Alexander McCall Smith would be in town on April 10th. I sent an email to his website . And guess what? He wants to do the show! Fantastic news!

So does Shelagh Rogers who will be coming here for Northern Scenes (and in a role reversal, I’ll get to interview her). Brad Smith, Gail Bowen and Robert Pobi have all confirmed too,  as have our Ladies Killing Circle –Vicki Cameron, Linda Wiken, Sue Pike, Barbara Fradkin, Joan Boswell, and Mary Jane Maffini! Everyone I’ve contacted so far has said yes!

Beechwood on Books will do taped “commercials” during breaks: reviews of the books we’re talking about and weekly staff picks.

And for a venue, while we had hoped to do this in the bookstore or even in a pub (as Brad Smith had hoped for, given the type of books he writes), I think it will end up being filmed  in my living room where I have two wonderful wing chairs and an amazing fireplace. That way, although the dog could be a bit annoying, we can control the environment and leave our equipment out overnight without worrying about it. (My house could end up being a crash pad for a few of these authors anyway, which will make organizing them a lot easier!)

These will be 30 minute interviews, one-on-one which will give us lots of time to go in-depth. Should be be lots of fun!

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3 Responses to Rogers TV and a new show — Authors Corner

  1. dgkirkwood says:

    Hi Peggy, If you need me, I can help out… anytime…even with open houses diana



  2. Wow, I’m so impressed with your initative. Congrats on the show and everyone saying YES. 🙂


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