E.R. Brown on Peggy Blair’s The Poisoned Pawn

“A real five-star read. I’m rarely 100% satisfied with mysteries… if the puzzle’s good, the characters are wooden, or the setting feels contrived to fit the plot. Not this time. From Cubans to Canadians, the characters are real, fleshed-out, and memorable. Old Havana and Ottawa feel authentic — not glossed up for escapist readers. And the plot (plots?) had me right to the last pages. Highly recommended! And you don’t need to read The Beggar’s Opera first. I hadn’t.”

E.R. Brown is the debut author of Almost Criminal, coming soon from Dundurn Press! If you’re in Vancouver, check out his launch on April 23rd in Gastown. Details here!

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2 Responses to E.R. Brown on Peggy Blair’s The Poisoned Pawn

  1. John Kruithof says:

    In my opinion, good as The Poisoned Pawn is on its own, the pleasure will be enriched by first reading The Beggar’s Opera. Cuban Inspector Ramirez’s character, and locale, is central to the case and is more fully expanded in the first book of the series. I am looking forward to more Inspector Ramirez novels and want to know all there is to know.


  2. Peggy Blair says:

    Thanks, John! Always great to hear that people enjoy the universes we try to create as writers.


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