Blog Tour – Day Three: Just a L’il Lost on The Poisoned Pawn

It’s day three on the blog tour for The Poisoned Pawn and here’s what book blogger Michele thought of the second in the Inspector Ramirez series. (Spoiler: she liked it even better than the first!)


Mere days after Inspector Ricardo Ramirez solves the crime that Mike Ellis was arrested for, he is enjoying the new year with his wife when he gets called on an assignment of a sensitive nature. After some governmental strings were pulled, Ramirez is being sent to Canada to bring home a priest who has been found in possession of some illegal material involving young children. To make matters more dire, seemingly unrelated women start dropping dead from an unknown cause and Ramirez must race to bring home the accused priest before a travel advisory is released, thereby crippling Cuba’s income from tourism.

Many of the familiar characters from the first book are back in this exciting sequel. I felt this second installment of the Inspector Ramirez series was even better than the first. The flow of the storytelling felt more polished and the narrative kept the action moving. The first book often mentioned Ramirez’ unusual affliction, in that he can see the ghosts of the victims. While I found that to be an interesting component to the story, I also appreciated that it wasn’t as much in the forefront for this one. The Poisoned Pawn focused more on the characters and the several mysteries that were at play in any given time.

There was also less explanation in this book, which is the good thing that works for subsequent books in a series. The author doesn’t have to spend as much time explaining and setting the scene or characters, but just enough to have newcomers still know what’s going on. Right from the beginning, this book jumps right into it and doesn’t let up till the very end. Blair weaves a fantastic tale of corruption and mystery, with some fantastically shocking reveals. Being set in both Canada and Cuba, it’s a welcome mix of the familiar and exotic. The Poisoned Pawn is a definite must-read for fans of the mystery genre.

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