Book Launch Updates

Almost ready for the launch of the second in the Insp. Ramirez series, The Poisoned Pawn! I went to the Dollar Store today and picked up a bunch of paper plates, inexpensive platters,  and various napkins for all of $ 32 (enough for the 200 people we’re expecting). I have to remember to get maraschino cherries and some pineapple chunks and get my hands on those little parasol umbrellas we’re going to use to decorate our tropical drinks.

Every time I think I have a cancellation, someone else pops up and says they’re coming, so it’s going to be a busy little venue on the 20th for sure. And well worth it!

Foodwise, we have all kinds of neat stuff coming in this giant pot luck: pulled pork, jamaican rice, lime-roasted trout, corn fritters, empanadas, beans and rice, taco swirls and several different pork dishes. Several people are picking up appetizers from Havana Cafe, so we can probably expect fried plantains and other pork dishes (such a great restaurant).

Desserts sound spectacular: little mini-lime cheesecakes, the chalk outline cookies I made on the weekend, red velvet cupcakes with Cuban flag decorations, rum pudding, and of course that gorgeous cigarbox cake. Author Sue Pike is baking some ginger chalk outline cookies to go with the sugar cookies I made, and she’s not even able to come — she’ll be in Mexico!

We’ll have Cuba Libres, pina coladas (with those little parasols), and lots of different wine, including a fruit wine tasting by Blue Gypsy Wines, and some non-alcoholic drinks too.

Logistically, I lost my bartenders when Ottawa mortgage broker York Polk realized he and his wife had to be at an awards reception (since he was the recipient of the award last year) but Cathy Macdonald of Ottawa Mortgage Brokers will take his place along with Judith Yaworsky of my office and my pal Paula.

(York, bless his heart, is still arranging for all the glasses, wine, ice, bottle openers and a folding table: the stuff he would have brought to do the job if he could have joined us.)

John Bennett has lined up coatracks and will bring one of those police red flashing cherries; the neon palm trees will be up, and Maria DeFalco and Tor Rustad will wrangle the band and help out with setting up.

By the time we’re done, I’d guess that we’ll have forty or fifty volunteers handling food and other tasks, and that’s pretty amazing, don’t you think? I just have a few things left on my “to do” list and we’re good to go!

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2 Responses to Book Launch Updates

  1. I’m looking forward to celebrating your hard work! I’ll be bringing mini-patties.


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