Chalk Outline Cookies!

The launch of  the second book in the Inspector Ramirez series, The Poisoned Pawn, is right around the corner. Last year, my pal and neighbour, Lynn, made 12 dozen sugar cookies for the launch of The Beggar’s Opera (can you imagine? What a great friend.) 

She baked rectangular sugar cookies, iced with them with black icing and sprinkles to look like asphalt,  and decorated them with a white icing outline of a chalk outline figure. Needless to say, they were a big hit, and we packaged them up in a plastic bag with some bookmarks and handed them out like party favours. (A year later, one of my colleagues at work still has hers; she thought it was too pretty to eat.)

This year, while Lynn will be helping out out at the event on February 20th, she doesn’t have time for anything of that nature. Her ever-helpful husband, Nicholas, however, let me use his  US mailing address to order a chalk outline cookie cutter from a company there, and this is the result of last night’s experiments!


(By the way, if you click on the link to the company, you will see that the cookie cutter I received was far more detailed than the one on their website. I found that the hands kept breaking off, so I pulled the copper a little to make more space and that problem was solved!)

These cookies were easy to make. A basic sugar cookie recipe I found on-line eventually worked out, although I discovered it actually required three eggs, rather than the one egg specified. What is that old saw that good cooks always hold back one ingredient when they share their recipes? Sigh.

I have no idea how to make royal icing that won’t run, so I purchased a little bag of pre-made icing for $ 3.29 at Superstore. The bag comes with an attached tip that you can cut to whatever size you want. The packaging claimed that when the icing dries, the cookies can be stacked, which I verified this morning.

That little package is only half gone so I would guess it’s enough to decorate probably three or four dozen cookies. When I look at the cost of icing sugar and all the paraphernalia that goes with decorating cookies, I’d say that was money well spent. (It comes in different colours too!) I cut the tip to  make a very fine line, and that worked out well.

Next: mini-cupcakes with a Cuban flag rice paper decoration!

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4 Responses to Chalk Outline Cookies!

  1. MishaBurnett says:

    I love them! BTW, a lot of commercial hardware outlets sell rolls of “Caution: Do Not Enter” tape in yellow and black–it’s probably cheaper than the “Crime Scene” tape you can buy from novelty shops.

    I so want to do a launch party for my next book–I didn’t do anything special for my first one.


    • Peggy Blair says:

      That’s true — saw a giant roll at Preston Hardware. I got mine for free from a colleague who used to be a cop, but I also ordered some last year that is bilingual (Spanish and English) from a place that sells crime scene supplies — I was able to get twenty or thirty feet cut off a roll and sent to me for a couple of bucks and the cost of postage!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for the event… it will be so much fun. If I can help out the night of let me know. The cookies are so cute… a lot of work for you though.


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