Quebec City Crime Writers Festival

I had the pleasure of participating in the Quebec City Crime Writers Festival a few days ago, and it was magical!

The city is fantastic and where else but in Quebec could you find yourself in a diner that served a Kristy Kreme hamburger and had a real live Elvis leaning against the bar?

One of my favourite moments (and there were many) was finding myself on a late night panel that downed paper cups full of whiskey as we debated the pros-and-cons of editing. The whiskey was courtesy of Washington, DC author David Swinson, who had bonded with Mons Kallentoft, the famous Swedish writer. They went out looking for great wine and whiskey; David was generous enough to buy a bottle and share it.

Mark Billingham, John Connolly, Robert Pobi, Giles Blunt, Chelsea Cain,  Chris Holm, Owen Laukkanen, Brad Smith, David Swinson, and Wayne Arthurson — I’m sure I’ve missed someone but thanks so much for making this such a memorable adventure. I love your books; loved meeting you all, hope to see you again.

Leaving this festival felt a little like leaving school — knowing we wouldn’t all be in the same room again, most likely, and that it was the end of something special.

The Quebec Crime Festival organizers and volunteers were fantastic. A big shout-out to Guy Dubois and Jacques Filippi for their hard work, patience, and generosity throughout. I hope to be invited back — this festival doesn’t have the same guests two years in a row, but it will be well worth the wait. Next year’s big draw will be Michael Connolly, so make sure to mark this one in your calendar. It’s a must-see, must-do, and you’ll love the small venues and the intimacy. Wonderful event. Thanks for making me feel so welcome.

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