Taking a little break…

I usually post every day, or every other day, but with my real estate practice picking up steam and a new TV show on the go, I’m running out of time.

This was my September: Four downsizing seminars, and I catered all of them; I made lunch for 80 people. I had three author events — two of which were out of town, including my interview with Michael Enright at Word on the Street. This meant flying to Toronto and back and losing a day I usually devote to getting organized at home (the dog hasn’t been walked for a week and I don’t want to tell you what my house looks like when it comes to cleaning). I had planned to spend three days at the Kingston Writer’s Festival: ended up driving there and back the day of my event when I simply ran out of time.

I oversaw the updating/staging/transformation  of a home for a new listing and for the new TV show. This involved project-managing the trades, coordinating with a home stager and professional photographer and even cleaning the carpet myself. (I blogged about all of this daily on my real estate blog, Kiss and Sell: take a look, and you can see how much work was involved.)

I also developed that new show with Rogers It will be called Ottawa Experts: Real Estate. I arranged my guests, did the pre-production, and will go live tonight, and believe me, that’s taken a lot of time. In the midst of all of this chaos, my daughter came for a week, the cat became ill  with what would could have been a life-threatening illness, and I stickhandled my usual 200-300 emails per day plus Twitter and Facebook.

Last Friday, I was asked to appear on another Rogers TV show to talk about the implications of a dump on real estate values: I got home around 9 PM to realize I hadn’t even eaten lunch. I’m starting to resemble Inspector Ramirez more and more (he never eats either). Probably just a matter of time before I start hallucinating, too.

Add to that copy-edits for the second book, and something has to give; I’ve decided it will have to be this blog.

But luckily, the first episode of the serialized podcast of my short Inspector Ramirez story, The Angel’s Share, is almost ready to roll. With seven episodes, to be posted on Youtube once per week, that should give you something to read and watch while I’m gone.

Meanwhile, if you’re an aspiring writer, feel free to scour the archives. There are over 400 posts, so tons of tips there on how to improve your manuscript, find an agent, get published, and market that book once you do. Have a great October, everyone!

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