The Beggar’s Opera to be published in the UK!

Fantastic news! The Beggar’s Opera will be published in UK by Polygon, an imprint of Birlinn based in Edinburgh. It will be out in the summer of 2013 but may be published under a new name. (Hope to have news on that tomorrow.) 

This is the imprint that launched Alexander McCall Smith so I’m super-excited — great publisher! 

Neville Moir, whose team will be responsible for the book, is the same person who I quoted in a blog post a few weeks ago. He had published a wonderful little picture book about the Edinburgh paper sculptures that an anonymous artist left hidden in libraries throughout the city.  Gifted was inspired, he said, by posts on this blog about those tiny gems, which were read by his London counterpart. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Gifted and it’s gorgeous — and the little sculptures will be touring Scotland soon. So pleased I had a small part to play in that story.

So what goes around most certainly does come around! YAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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