Word on the Street (Toronto)

Looks like the arrangements are now in place for me to fly to Toronto and back on Sunday, September 23, for the Word on the Street festivities at Queen’s Park! I will arrive at 1 and will be at the Penguin Pavilion briefly at 1:30 to meet up with my agents, Chris Bucci and Anne McDermid. (Apparently I can’t sign books there, unfortunately, because my books are being carried by the U of T bookseller on the site as part of the festival, but I can sign them at the WOTS tent a little later on).

I’ll be spending an hour or two with Chris and Anne until I have to go to the  Giller Bestsellers Stage for my interview with Michael Enright at 3:30 to get fitted up with microphones etc. (Here’s the schedule for that stage!)

The interview itself will take place sometime at 4 PM (I’m up first!). I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be done after my segment, or whether I’ll be on a final panel as well. (The interview will be taped but CBC isn’t sure if it will air on Sunday Edition or just be put up online: much depends on the sound quality with a live audience.)

After that, I may be heading over to the WOTS tent to sign books.

I have to fly out at 7:30 PM so it’s going to be a little rushed, but if you’re in Toronto, be sure to stop by! 200,000 book lovers were at the festival last year and there will be lots going on. And did I mention it’s free?

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