Authors Festivals

Noticed today that tickets are now on sale in Kingston for the September 27th chat that Robert Rotenberg and I will be having with readers at the Kingston Writers Festival. I think it’s called when Lawyers Turn to Crime but I keep calling it when Lawyers Go Bad. Anyway, Bobby and I are pals — he’s a lovely guy who is somehow managing to write great books and manage a busy criminal law practice while he does the author’s circuit. It will be great to see him. You can get tickets here!

I’ve mentioned the Kingston Writers Festival before but all the writers festivals deserve a big shout out. There’s one happening on Wolfe Island this weekend specific to mystery writers; there will be another in Quebec City later this year (The Quebec Crime Writers Festival) and of course each year there is Bloody Words. I’ve also been invited to the Thousand Islands Writers Festival in October (Dorothy McIntosh and I will be on a panel at the Brockville courthouse on October 13th). I’m sure I’m missing some but it’s early and I haven’t yet had coffee, so if you think of any others, let me know!

The number of people that it takes to put a festival together is incredible; almost everyone volunteers, and I’d like to give express my sincere thanks to all of them. We depend on you folks to help get the word out about our books, and we are always grateful for your  support.

If you haven’t been to one of these, you should go. They’re a great opportunity to hobnob with authors, agents, and people in publishng as well as other people who love books. What could be more fun? See you next month, Bobby!

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