Author Patrons – Kingston Writers Festival

The Kingston Writers Festival does something remarkable (in my view): they encourage people in Kingston to support their festival by becoming an author patron. That means providing sufficient funds for an author to participate.

I had the privilege this long weekend of meeting my patrons, Judith Irwin and Richard Henriksen.

Both are astrophysicists at Queens (Richard is a professor emeritus), so you can imagine the interesting discussions we had, sitting on the deck overlooking the lake at my cottage near Kingston, with the Mars rover about to land

They are an absolutely lovely couple, and I really enjoyed meeting them. It was such a great day for them to come out too: 34 degrees in the city, apparently, but we had a nice cool breeze by the lake and went for a swim when it got a little hot.

Patrons, yes, but also new friends. They hadn’t yet read The Beggar’s Opera but I do hope they enjoy it (that would suck, wouldn’t it, to be someone’s patron and find out you hate their book?).

Judith and Richard plan to host a small reception while I’m in Kingston which will be quite wonderful, and I’m very grateful for their support. Last year, they were patrons to the brilliant Canadian sci-fi author Robert Sawyer, who is a good friend of my good friend, Hayden Trenholm, so it really is a small world.

Not to mention a small galaxy. Incredible landing on Mars  early this morning. Apparently it was like hitting a hole-in-one from Los Angeles to Scotland!

There are a good many author patrons for this year’s festival and I think they should all get a nod. A giant thank you on behalf of all of us to the following companies and individuals who are helping to make this festival happen:

Altair Electronics Melanie Dugan
Katie Carmichael & Helène Pratt David Helwig
Chez Piggy Restaurant & Bar Emily Schultz
Chris James Naomi Wolf
Justin Connidis & Julia McArthur Will Ferguson
Curry Original Restaurant Ami McKay
Anju & Chander Datta Linda Spalding
Elaine & Michael Davies
(The Davies Charitable Foundation)
Michael Ondaatje
Tim & Christine Everdell
(Quarry Pharmacy)
Michele Landsberg
Bryan & Carol Finlay Ben McNally
Get Funky Boutique Damian Rogers
Virginia Gordon & Lynne Kenny Nancy Richler
Mary Ann Higgs Miranda Hill
Judith Irwin & Richard Henriksen Peggy Blair
Jo-Anne Lachapelle-Beyak Andrew Westoll
Brian Osborne Jamie Swift
Joanne Page Susan Gillis & Phil Hall
Yvonne Pelley Shannon Moroney
Paul Fisher
Trio Without Words
Queen’s University Archives Steven Heighton
Queen’s Quarterly Mark Kingwell
Read & Red Book Club Shelagh Rogers
Reading Between the Wines Book Club Susan Olding
Regina Rosen Judith Thompson
Mike Scrannage & Karen Charlton Eva Stachniak
Ed Smith Tanis Rideout
Geoff Smith Helen Humphreys
Student Association
St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus
Tilda Shalof
Dr. Eva Toth Linden MacIntyre
United States Embassy Teju Cole
Untitled Book Club John Vaillant
The Waterfall Tea Room Wallace Edwards
Willow Family Physicians Vincent Lam
Anonymous Naomi Duguid
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