CBC Reader’s Choice and the Giller — oops!

Update:  Contrary to what was reported on the CBC Books website and in Quill and Quire earlier, the Giller Prize folks have now clarified that the CBC/Giller Readers Choice selection will NOT be on the Giller long list unless the jury puts it there.

CBC has now changed its website accordingly and Quill and Quire has updated its post as well.

So there is, in fact, no long-list nomination for any author selected by readers.

Anyway, sorry everyone! But thanks so much for all your support, and I sure hope some of you win prizes! (The prizes look fantastic!)

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2 Responses to CBC Reader’s Choice and the Giller — oops!

  1. Jo-Anne Ward says:

    Hi Peggy! Just checking my e-mail on the stand-alone at my respite care library (no WiFi here!) following my double hip replacement & would like to vote for your book but can’t figure out how to do so! Any assistance would be welcome! Jo-Anne


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