Fan Mail Part II

I recently posted on how much fan mail means to authors, but it doesn’t have to be a personalized email or note: just seeing comments on an article(or even on a blog like this one) is terrific feedback.

Today, for example, I noticed that the following comment had been posted on a story about my journey to publication that ran this past May in Ottawa Magazine.

The article, by Mark Bourrie, was called “Whodunit and How?” It was really great to see this remark posted below it:

 “It’s a terrific book. Couldn’t put it down. Enormously compelling, your inspector, with his own demons to contend with, in addition to the crime that haunts him. Congratulations Peggy. Ottawa should be very proud of you! Anne.”

Now honestly, that made my day :-).

If you really like a book, do let the author know. Posting a review on Goodreads or Amazon or Chapters is one way to do it. Or give them some direct feedback via their website or blog, or on Twitter or Facebook. That kind of pick-me-up can be exactly what an author needs sometimes to carry on. (And thank you, Anne! I’m so glad you liked it.)

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