Library Reviews of The Beggar’s Opera!

Always nice to see what readers who borrow from the library think of a new book, and I’m pleased to say they really like The Beggar’s Opera so far! Here are three reviews from readers (the same comments appear across the various Canadian libraries in major cities, so I’m not sure where they were posted originally):

“Excellent, fast moving plot with unusual twists and turns. Written by a lawyer, it juxtaposes some human rights enjoyed in Canada with those of a totaletarian state[albeit dependant on tourist income]. I can’t wait for the author’s next novel. This is almost in the same league as Dragon Tattoo. Certainly much better than the simple plots of the Donna Leon series in Venice which have become so pedentic and predictable.” BTVS (4.25 stars)

“I read this book on a recommondation and I am glad I did. This is an excellent crime novel. Both the characters and the plot keep the reader engaged from the beginning. Sorry to use the old cliché but ‘it is hard to put down’.”  seanodea (5 stars)

“The subject matter here is somewhat difficult, however the characters are fascinating and the plot unfolds in unexpected ways.” Miss Annie (4 stars)

What’s also nice to see is that there are still lots of people who want to read The Beggar’s Opera. When it first came out, there were 149 holds at the Ottawa Public Library for 14 copies; now there are 167. In Toronto, there were 170 holds on 53 copies; now there are 172. And in Halifax, there were 21 holds on 5 copies, now there are 24. From what I can see, the book is being checked out as quickly as it is returned, which is all great news!

So thanks to all the libraries and librarians out there for carrying my book, and to everyone with a library card who is reading it!

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