A great LCBO Cocktails and Conversation event!

Well, the LCBO Cocktails and Conversation event was certainly a lot of fun, and a big shout-out to Erin Etheridge, the Special Events Coordinator for the LCBO at 275 Rideau Street, for arranging it!

I met with about a dozen book-lovers who had paid $35 for a copy of The Beggar’s Opera as well as an evening of appetizers and drinks.

Nicky, the product specialist with LCBO, served us  each a Penguin Blossom (cranberry juice, white rum and orange juice) to start, then showed us how to make mojitos, and ended our tasting with a Trinidad cocktail, made up of Kahlua, Triple Sec and rum.

The drinks were paired with empanadas, dips, tortilla chips and croquettes. They were fantastic! 

While we noshed, the attendees (all women, interestingly enough) chatted to me and to each other about The Beggar’s Opera and their impressions of Cuba.

Only a few had been there, and some of the people who had read the book were a bit uncertain as to whether they should go or not. They left feeling assured by those of us who had been there that it is a wonderful country with an amazing culture, and lovely people. I hope they all go there someday; they’ll love it!

The LCBO Events room is terrific. It has a gorgeous working kitchen with a display centre and sliding doors that shut it off from the busy retail centre. My photos, I’m afraid, don’t do it justice but it’s at the back of the store and you can check it out when you’re there someday.

Here are some shots of the “LCBO Book Club” and I really do hope we can do it again when the second book, The King’s Indian, comes out! This was the first event of its type, apparently, at that branch of LCBO, although I know they do these kinds of events in Toronto.  Erin also mentioned that sometime this fall, the LCBO will do a “Go Local” campaign that she’ll keep me in mind for. This where where local artists and authors  will have a chance to display their work. Much appreciated, thanks, Erin!

Here’s a shot of Nicky, who worked her magic with our drinks, followed by some pictures of the people who were there. (I’m sorry, Jennifer and Caroline: I took a photograph of you two as well, and it came out so blurry that I can’t use it. Must have been that third cocktail; could have sworn it was clear!)

Aren’t they a happy group? Thanks for coming, everyone — I really enjoyed it! Great fun; can’t wait to do it again!

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