National Post Afterword: The Perfect Crime

The National Post Afterword ran a story yesterday that had the finalists for the Arthur Ellis Award picking the mysteries they  enjoyed reading this year. They called the story “The Perfect Crime.”

 William Bonnell, who is shortlisted for this year’s Unhanged Arthur Ellis, said this about The Beggar’s Opera:

“Recently I read The Beggar’s Opera by Peggy Blair (Penguin Canada). I thought it was brilliant- palpably real, full of tension, and terrifying. — William Bonnell, Arthur Ellis Finalist for Unhanged Arthur, Author of Snake in the Snow.”

Well, thank you, William Bonnell , for that very nice plug and best of luck to you in the competition.

Nice to see that my good pal, Dorothy McIntosh, was Louise Penny’s choice for her crackling novel, The Witch of Babylon, and the National Post was nice enough to put our book jackets at the top of the story! How cool is that?

Thank you, Mark Medley and the folks at the National Post. (And thanks to you too, Bill, for liking my book so much: I’m sure our paths will cross someday!)

The National Post is an incredible support to authors in Canada, and believe me, we appreciate it. Thanks again, Mark!

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