CBC Interview on The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers

“I wanted a character who balanced on that knife edge of corruption every day”.

                                                                                                       — Peggy Blair 

This is the quote that now appears on the CBC Radio website for The Next Chapter.

My interview with Shelagh Rogers played at 1 PM yesterday. I really have to give credit to the CBC for managing to condense forty minutes of conversation into a coherent, intelligent discussion of my novel, The Beggar’s Opera. (They ended the segment with some really lovely Cuban music, too!)

The marvellous thing about Shelagh Rogers (I should say one marvellous thing about Shelagh: there are many !) is that she so quickly engages her guests — the headphones and studio disappear, and the interview becomes a relaxed and leisurely discussion with someone you’d like to know.

If you missed it, here’s the link, and if you prefer to hear these things on the radio rather than on your computer,  it will be replayed on Saturday June 2 at 4 PM as well.

For those of you who might wonder what impact an interview like this can have on book sales, I checked Novelrank today (this is a program that roughly tracks how many books are sold on Amazon in a given period). 

It looks like we sold a couple of hundred books by midnight ie in less than 12 hours. Amazon sales are a fraction of overall sales, so I’m extrapolating, but it does go to show the huge impact a national interview on a show as respected as this one is can have on a debut author’s sales.

Thanks again, Erin and Shelagh, for arranging this — it was so very much appreciated! And Shelagh, I’ll look forward to meeting you in person at the Kingston Writers Festival in September!

And if you’re thinking of purchasing The Beggar’s Opera, please do so this weekend (June 2-3). With the boost in sales from this interview, it’s my best shot at hitting the bestseller list!

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