My day for Media!

Wow, it’s super-nice when the local and national media decide to take an interest in a debut author’s book! Exciting but also a little nerve-wracking.

What if I say something really dumb, or look goofy, or sound like a chihuahua on helium? I always felt that way going into court when I was a trial and appellate level lawyer, and occasionally I did do really dumb things when I was nervous.

Like spilling water all over myself during my first appearance at the Court of Appeal, when the ice in the pitcher of water I was trying to pour acted as a barrier and created a little waterfall. (The judges laughed; I shook myself off and tried to carry on as if nothing had happened, although my notes were a little worse for wear and of course, I was soaking wet.)

Or the time when I went to hand a reference letter for a criminal client convicted of sexual assault to the judge only to notice that my client’s employer had described him as “well-licked” instead of “well-liked.” Another good laugh in the courtroom. Sigh.

Well, tomorrow will certainly put my composure to the test.  At 11:00, Rogers TV in Ottawa will be interviewing me about The Beggar’s Opera and why  I decided to make the switch from law to real estate and mystery-writing, and why Cuba?

Then at 1 PM, if you aren’t all Peggy’d-out , you can tune into the The Next Chapter on CBC Radio One and hear me interviewed by the wonderful Shelagh Rogers.

Our discussion, taped a few weeks ago, ranged from Indian residential schools settlement process (she’s involved with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission) and my experience as an adjudicator of the sexual and physical abuse claims put forward by former students, to how I got published. I seem to remember a lot of very  intelligent questions about the duality of the Cuban experience, but not my answers, so tune in!

Shelagh is a lovely interviewer, incredibly warm and gracious, which is great because I was a somewhat nervous interviewee, made worse when I discovered to my horror at one point that I was blathering on dead air as our connection (Shelagh was in Gabriola; I was in Ottawa) had been cut off! We went back over the same questions and I hope I was at least coherent in the re-do.

If you miss The Next Chapter this Monday, it will be replayed on Saturday, June 2 at 4 PM. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to hear any of these myself; I have commitments on Monday when The Next Chapter airs, and I will be writing a Commercial Property exam on Saturday, but I’m told by Erin Noel, the producer of The Next Chapter, that the broadcast will be podcast on their website.

And of course, the Rogers TV show will be live, so I’ll just have to trust that you’ll tell me how it went.

Sincere thanks to Laura Watson at Rogers and Erin and Shelagh at CBC Radio for extending these wonderful invitations. It was so kind of them to invite me; incredible to get this kind of publicity. Thanks so much!

Update: CBC Radio has already put the interview on-line so here it is, and thanks to Shelagh Rogers for making me sound much calmer and more coherent than I felt!

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