Rosemary McCracken – Safe Harbor

Rosemary was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger the same year that I was; that’s how we met and became friends. Her entry, Safe Harbor, is out now, published by Imajin Books.  I was delighted to see her get this very nice on-line review from  one of my favourite blog-reviewers, Paula Schuck! (Also thrilled to see a little plug in there for  The Beggar’s Opera!)

You can find the entire review on ThriftyMomma’s blog spot but here are parts of it.

Ami McKay’s The Virgin Cure was a treat and Peggy Blair’s The Beggar’s Opera rekindled my love of reading after a bit of a rough patch and numerous duty reads. Now I can add Rosemary McCracken to the mix. 
I was unsure of what to expect with this one, but the cover interested me and the suspenseful plot pulled me in.

Main character Pat Tierney was a treat as a middle-aged established female, widowed and successful in her own field, as an investment expert. I am not the world’s biggest fan of suspense or mystery genre, but the plot, as I noted, is compelling.

Pat is trudging along, for the most part, happily building a life after the death of her husband Michael, when the knock on her door comes from a woman named Jude. Jude, has a little boy with her who needs to be protected. She asks Pat to take Tommy. She reveals also that Tommy is Michael’s son. Pat doesn’t really disbelieve Jude as she sees Michael’s mannerisms and looks abundantly apparent in the child. She helps Jude out over New Year’s and anticipates it will be a short stint. But what appears to be a simple babysitting chore winds up being a full time state when Jude is murdered. …

Safe Harbor is an enjoyable read with great timing and a strong dose of suspense. The main character Pat Tierney is one I hope to see again. McCracken was one of five finalists for the first ever Arthur Ellis Award for  Best Unpublished First Crime Novel. She lives in Toronto with her husband and is a Canadian journalist who worked on newspapers across Canada.

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