A little break.

Hi everyone. I won’t be posting for a few weeks: I never thought it would happen, as I’ve been multi-tasking all my life, but I have actually started to run out of that oh so precious commodity, time.

Yesterday’s big head-smack didn’t help! I lost about 10 hours of work when I stupidly saved all my revisions  to The King’s Indian into an email attachment by mistake.

(Valuable tip to all you authors out there: when you email yourself an attachment to work on, be sure to save it to a CD. I could have sworn I had saved that document into a folder, and I didn’t, and now it’s gone. Lessons learned!)

I know have to find the time somehow to do that work over again, and I’m really swamped with all my other commitments, so I’ll have to put the blog on the backburner for a little while but I promise, I’ll be back.

When I am, I hope to have that podcast ready to roll, and I might even have the e-book version of this blog up and running. (My daughter, Jade, has done the most incredible cover: she’s fantastic!).

Wish me luck and enjoy this gorgeous spring weather! (Okay, it’s raining today. But at least it isn’t snowing, right?)

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