The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers

I had a great interview today with Shelagh Rogers of The Next Chapter. Great not so much because of anything I said but  because she’s such a terrific interviewer.

She spent the first five minutes talking to me about Twitter and how she feels like she knows me a little because she’s been following my tweets for a few months now. Making sure I was relaxed before the real interview started.

We have shared interests because I spent a large chunk of my career in law adjudicating Indian residential schools claims. Shelagh’s involved with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which is gathering stories from the survivors of Indian residential school abuse and finding ways to ensure those stories are honoured. She’s an Honourary Witness, and I can’t think of a better one.

And, I was thrilled to discover how much she loved The Beggar’s Opera. She thought it was “rich” and “layered,” and tweeted me later to say she can’t wait for the next in the series. How lovely!

Anyway, it was really very nice to “meet” over the radio waves after meeting via Twitter. (Although I’m glad it wasn’t television, as I discovered I when I got home had buttoned all my jacket buttons out-of-order and looked like a rather large and rumpled toddler.)

I’ll let you know when the interview airs! (And remember, you can listen to all the author interviews on The Next Chapter online.)

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