How much should you pay a publisher?

I was at an author’s event last night in Ottawa where I spoke about my journey to publication. I was asked how much it cost me to get published.

“I can’t really quantify that,” I said. “It was maybe $ 1,000 for the website, and despite all the donations and help, I was still out of pocket for the launch. A few hundred for bookmarks. And then I probably put 1,000 hours into writing the book; maybe another 1,000 in marketing. I was a lawyer; I used to get paid a lot of money for my time. So I don’t know — a lot.”

“No,” said the questioner. “I mean, how much did you pay the publisher? Is it reasonable for a publisher to charge you $250 to read your manuscript?”

No. No. No.

No, it isn’t reasonable to be asked to pay a publisher money. Absolutely not.

If you have a prospective publisher or an agent who wants you to pay them to read your manuscript, you are in Scamsville. No reputable agent or publisher will charge you a cent : it’s their job. Nuff said.

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  1. idleon says:

    So true!


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