CBC Bookie Award for Best Mystery/Thriller!

Hey everyone! The CBC Bookie winners have now been officially announced  (here’s the link) and The Beggar’s Opera has been chosen as Best Mystery/Thriller!

This was a marathon — a contest in which readers had to vote every day to keep their favourite book in the lead. Thanks  so much to all of you who voted, and voted, and voted, and cajoled others to vote, sent emails, shared posts, tweeted and really got behind TBO in this contest. I am really grateful, and  overwhelmed by your support for this new series.

Other winners as follows:

The Blue Light Project by Timothy Taylor for Literary Fiction;

Eating Dirt by Charlotte Gill for Non-fiction;

Folk by Jacob McArthur Mooney for Poetry,

The Pattern Scars by Caitlin Sweet for Science Fiction;

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong in Young Adult;

Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton for Comic/Graphic Novel;

The Beggar’s Garden by Michael Christie in Short Story Collection;

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern for International Fiction, and

Bossypants by Tina Fey for International Non-fiction.

Congratulations to all of them! I’d also like to congratulate the other shortlisted authors in the category of Best Mystery/Thriller: Louise Penny, Andrew Pyper, Alan Bradley and Ian Hamilton. It was incredible to find myself on the same ballot as these great writers.

I received a lovely note from Louise Penny congratulating me. (Such a class act, and what a wonderful role model to all Canadian writers.) She writes:

Hi Peggy,

Wow, what a blow out for The Beggar’s Opera!  Congratulations and well 
deserved!!  I know this is just the beginning, for this book and for 
your stellar writing career.

With great delight,


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8 Responses to CBC Bookie Award for Best Mystery/Thriller!

  1. Well done, Peggy and congratulations! The end a bit “not with a bang but a whimper” — that being that the conclusion was evident before the midnight deadline — and also, no official, immediate announcement. Hard to say “I won” when no one says it officially.

    Anyway, you won! I’ll say it….


  2. Peggy Blair says:

    Thanks, Hilary! I never under-estimated Louise Penny’s ability to mobilize her fans: I think between her travels, my early lead while she was away on holidays and the fact that Facebook changed her fan page midstream, we had a bit of an unfair advantage. All great books; all deserved to win. Thanks for being the early nominator when all this got started!


  3. idleon says:

    I’m so glad that you won! I was a bit worried that Louise Penny’s book would end up winning if she chose to send a big appeal on the final day. And what a gracious note from her.

    I think that the award will do much more good for your first book than it would do for her well-established series. May this translate into even more people reading “The Beggars Opera.”



    • Peggy Blair says:

      Thanks, Karen! Well, she was in England for the last few days of the contest, and I’m sure that played a role. Very gracious indeed. Thanks for all your support, and thanks also for putting the PWAC notice in yesterday’s Citizen Events section! Looking forward to seeing you on the 5th.


  4. Vicki says:

    Congratulations, Peggy! Well done. As idleon says, I hope it translates to even more readers.


  5. theindieview says:

    Great news, well done!


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