Staff Pick in Canmore!

I love the fact that The Beggar’s Opera is the staff pick at the Cafe Bookstore in Canmore, Alberta this month!  It’s Nina’s pick, and she writes:

“Wow! This is one of those delicious books that grabs you at the first page and makes you sneak off early to bed only to read well into the wee hours. Canadian police officer Mike Ellis is vacationing in the hot,beautiful and crumbling Old Havana. Innocently he hands a poor beggar boy a couple of pesos. Hours later he finds himself thrown into a grim Havana jail, arrested for the sexual assault and murder of the little boy. He’s relying on Havana’s Inspector Ramirez to get him out. Unfortunately Ramirez is doing everything he can to see the Canadian punished.And in Castro’s Havana that means death by firing squad. An intriguing look at the bureaucracy and corruption rife in such a beloved tourist destination.”

Canmore, of course, is where The Royal Canadian Air Farce ( a Canadian comedy show, for those of you not from Canada) used to poke fun at rural Canada. Here’s a very funny episode where “Mike from Canmore” ends up applying to Mensa (when all he really wanted to do was to use the Mens room).   

I have this mental image of the good folks from Canmore sitting around Tim Horton’s and talking about my book over Timbits and coffee. Love it! Thanks, Nina!

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3 Responses to Staff Pick in Canmore!

  1. melissar22 says:

    How can I obtain this book in the US? Will it be published in the US as Midnight in Havana? When? Thanks!


    • Peggy Blair says:

      Hi Melissar! We don’t have a US publisher yet; have tried to get Amazon to take this down but so far without success. At the moment, it’s only available in Canada. Sorry!


  2. Peggy Blair says:

    Hi again; will be out in the US next February , published by a Penguin imprint called Pintail!


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