Well, everyone, it’s been an exciting week for sure.  Ottawa Magazine ran a great story by contributing editor, Mark Bourrie, about my journey to publication called “Whodunit, and How.” It’s only in print, unfortunately, unless you want to pony up for a digital edition, but it’s brilliant. Thanks, Mark!

Also had an interview with Open Book Toronto and another with Lawyers Weekly yesterday. Lawyers Weekly is planning to do a whole feature on Canadian lawyers who morph into mystery writers.

My pal Bobby Rotenberg (Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea) and William Deverell are the two best known, I think, but Pam Callow is also a lawyer-author. Nice to be included in such a great group!  (I am no longer a lawyer, by the way. I’m a realtor now, and enjoying it –wish I’d made the switch about ten years earlier!)

And I’ve exceeded 35,000 hits on this blog as of this morning, which I think is phenomenal since I started it only a little over a year ago. Thanks to all of you who drop by!

Other exciting news still on the radar, of course, is The Beggar’s Opera being shortlisted for the CBC Bookie Award for Best Mystery/Thriller. I actually heard CBC running an ad today, inviting Canadians to vote in all 12 categories!

The four other authors in this category are phenomenal: Ian Hamilton, Andrew Pyper, Alan Bradley and our own Canadian Ian Rankin, Louise Penny. Because my reader base is so small compared to theirs  (The Beggar’s Opera has only been on bookshelves since February, after all), I’ve been tweeting and emailing and  posting on Linked In, Facebook and Absolute Write Water Cooler like crazy.

Luckly, I’ve been supported by the realtors at Royal LePage Team Realty (I think all 200 of them are voting daily) and the social media campaign seems to be working so far — The Beggar’s Opera is in the lead!

Yesterday, Paula Agulnik, the director of REACH, an organization of volunteer lawyers who provide services to disabled Ottawans, sent the link to the CBC Bookies to her vast list of volunteers. And last night, one of my Facebook friends emailed  500 of his workmates. I know others have been posting, reposting, tweeting, RT’g and doing everything they can to help me out. My pal Hilary Macleod even wrote a blog about the contest, as did my indie friend, Simon Royle. Thanks very much to all of you!

Now I know it’s only an Internet poll, but one of the organizers of the Debut Daggers in UK has suggested that if I can actually win this darn thing (and it’s really a contest of attrition, because it’s hard to keep people motivated to vote every single day for almost a month), my UK agent may be able to shop The Beggar’s Opera around to UK and foreign publishers again. So please do vote and vote often!

If you haven’t read The Beggar’s Opera yet, it’s available at Chapters, Ben McNally Books in Toronto, most indies and of course Amazon. It’s also available on Amazon.com as an e-book but only in Canada.

Here’s the link to voting in the Bookies. You can vote once per day in each category. Scroll down to Mystery/Thrillers. Please do vote, and vote often!


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