The CBC Bookies!

These awards — the CBC BookClub Bookies –are completely driven by readers: you go to the CBC Facebook page and nominate your favourite book.

So far, I’m delighted that The Beggar’s Opera has received four nominations, which is awesome (since there are only five nominations so far). [Update: make that ten. Including this incredible nomination from E. Kaye Fulton: “If The Beggar’s Opera isn’t nominated then I’m afraid it won’t be much of a contest. You looking for originality? Easily the best book of its genre (and one of the best of any genres) to be published this year. And I read a lot.”]

I’m told that the selection of books that will compete for this year’s award is based on the sheer number of nominations entered. If you have a favourite book, make sure you enter it –I’m sure your favourite author will be grateful!  The link to the Bookies Awards via  Facebook is right  here. (You may have to scroll down a little.)

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