Three more stops on the Blog Tour….

The blog tour for The Beggar’s Opera is almost over! A Bookworm’s World had this to say about TBO:

“The Beggar’s Opera was such a great read on so many different levels. The setting itself was a major character. Blair brings to life a Cuba outside the confines of a tourist resort. A Cuba where “anything could be a crime if it served the government’s objectives.”

“Unauthorized internet access = a five year prison sentence. Renting a room to a tourist, insulting Castro, possessing tourist pesos and much, much more. Where bribery and corruption are rampant. A Cuba where the legal system is completely foreign to our Canadian sensibilities and weighs heavily in favour of the police. …. I found myself running to the computer many times to follow up on a detail that Blair included. (Yes, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Fidel Castro did open Terminal Three of the international airport in Cuba.)

“… Blair has conceived an intricate, multi layered plot that kept me guessing until the very end. I was captivated by both the main story,  and the players and their lives. I’m eager to read the second in this series.”

Serendipitous Readings describes The Beggar’s Opera as a “breath of fresh air” and gives it a five star rating. (Marci also posted a Q and A session we had. Thanks, Marci!)

And “Just a l’il lost” calls it a “whirlwind of a novel” with fantastic pacing and a satisfying pay-off:

“I was immediately caught up in the story from the beginning, with Blair’s depictions of the Havana city and way of life absolutely engaging. The writing is full of detail and research, but not over-done as to make the reader feel lost or overwhelmed with law jargon or Cuban slang. The descriptions of Havana hotspots and landmarks paint a vivid picture of the setting to this mystery.”

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