Book Sales

Well, after all the excitement around The Beggar’s Opera finally hitting bookshelves in recent days,  and the Ottawa launch all ready for this Thursday, I had a bit of a reality check yesterday.

I discovered that in order to get on The Globe and Mail bestseller list, you have to sell over 1,000 books a week. That’s right, a week

I feel as if I am standing at the bottom of a Mount Everest of booksales, staring up at a peak so high it seems impossible to scale.

As my commissioning editor explained, it’s not about the volume alone, either, it’s about velocity. Yikes!

The good news  on that front is that TBO has already sold out at Ben McNally’s bookstore in Toronto (They have TBO on the front page of their website). And they had an order placed all the way from Chicago, which is pretty exciting.

A Facebook pal advises me that all the copies at the Toronto and Ottawa Public Libraries are either out or on hold, with waiting lists developed. 

In other words, Inspector Ramirez is off to a fast start.

I’ve done everything I can over the last three years to try to make this book a success. After 150 rejections, Ramirez finally managed to climb out of the slushpile. Fingers crossed that he can make his way up that mountain, and maybe even beat the odds.

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6 Responses to Book Sales

  1. I hope Ramirez climbs right up that Globe and Mail bestseller list, Peggy! Good luck–and it sounds like TBO is off to fabulous start. I had no clue that the benchmark was 1000 books a week. Interesting!


  2. I’m rooting for him 🙂


  3. Orville says:

    Congrats on getting your book published Peggy you must be so excited! I will check it out.


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