The Beggar’s Opera Book Review — The Vancouver Sun

Friday was very much a book review day!

Along with Robert J. Wieserma’s great review in The National Post, there was one in The Vancouver Sun. I’m not going reproduce it in its entirety, as I often do, because the reviewer gives away quite a bit of the plot’s twists and turns. (I’m not sure why reviewers feel the need to do that sometimes. I think they really should put SPOILER ALERT in giant letters at the top, when that happens, don’t you?)

But if you’ve read the book, however, or don’t mind spoilers, you can find Cheryl Parker’s review here.  And if you don’t, here are some excerpts:

“In what’s billed as the first book in a series featuring Ramirez, Canadian author Peggy Blair has written a fast-paced, well-plotted mystery set in Havana, a city falling apart mainly because of United States economic sanctions but still seductive….

“The author’s love and respect for ordinary Cubans is evident. The book jacket says she spent a Christmas in Old Havana ‘where she watched the bored young policemen along the Malecon, visited Hemingway’s favourite bars, and learned to make a perfect mojito.’

“Except for a couple of abrupt plot turns, one can only hope Blair, a lawyer for 30 years and former member of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, continues her career as a crime writer as well as she has begun.”

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