Guest Editing on The National Post’s Afterword

I had a bit of a crazy start to the week.

Mark Medley, the editor of The National Post’s Afterword, had approached me about a month ago to see if I might be interested in guest editing this section of the paper, which deals with all things literary. Needless to say, as a debut author, I was thrilled at the idea. We agreed I’d do a few guest articles as we got closer to the launch of The Beggar’s Opera but we never got around to discussing a date.

On Monday morning, just as I was about to head out the door for a Royal LePage event that was scheduled to run from 10 to 3 PM, I had an email from Mark reminding me I was guest editing  from Monday to Thursday, and that he needed my four articles.

Yikes! Once we’d sorted out the misunderstanding, I certainly didn’t want to lose that opportunity so I banged off one and promised to deliver the others as soon as I could. Somehow, between the RLP event, in which cell phones were banned; a property management exam I’m studying for, showings with clients, and trying to polish off the second book in the Ramirez series, I managed to get them done. (Talk about multi-tasking!).

The one that ran on Monday is about my journey to publication.

Tuesday’s dealt with why I chose Cuba as a setting.

And today’s is how I came to realize my characters needed to be more interesting. (I love the headline: Peggy Blair: Larger than Life. Although at 5’2″ I like to pretend I’m larger than I look.)

The fourth and last article will run tomorrow — stay tuned. And thanks so much, Mark, for letting me do this. I’m fried (in fact I think I may just go and lie down for a day or two), but it’s been fun!

So enjoy these and please forgive any errors that crept into these. I don’t think I’ve ever typed so fast in my life!

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4 Responses to Guest Editing on The National Post’s Afterword

  1. Karen Opas says:

    Madly impressed at your capacity to produce some great articles in such a short time. Well done!


  2. zedex99 says:

    Hello Peggy

    I bought The Beggar’s Opera today. Coles in Courtenay BC (east central Vancouver Island) is not like the Eaton’s Centre so while I paid for it, I will have to wait 10 to 14 days to have possession. Still it is the thought – right?

    Good luck.

    Bruce Trainor


    • Peggy Blair says:

      Thanks, Bruce — I guess that’s the only downside to living in an otherwise beautiful spot; having to wait for books! But I really appreciate the support and hope you like it!


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