Now it feels real.

A friend of mine sent me this last night from a Chapters store in Toronto. Now it feels real!

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5 Responses to Now it feels real.

  1. Karen Opas says:

    That’s a thrilling feeling. I still have a copy of the first cheque I got from the Globe & Mail! Well done–I”m waffling between buying the physical book or making it the first book I buy for my Kobo.


    • Peggy Blair says:

      I should see if I can get Anne McDermid to give me the cancelled first cheque I got for my advance; I know I kept a photocopy of it. Whichever you go for, thanks for the support, Karen! And I hope you like it!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I purchased the first copy from Chapters Dartmouth (NS).
    When I asked the salesperson for Peggy Blair’s “The Beggar’s Opera”, he went out back and came back with a handful of copies. “Hot off the press?” says I – “Yup” says he …
    I felt so “in crowd”!
    Pretty special and exciting.
    I’ll drop in again and hopefully grab a similar photo…


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