Amazon’s Best Books for February

I’m pleased as punch to say that The Beggar’s Opera has been put on Amazon’s editors’ list of “Best Books for February.” According to their website, there are only five copies left in stock but more are coming. All of that is really great news for sales, and of course, from here on in, it’s all about sales.

Meanwhile, I’m very grateful to Canadian author, D.J. McIntosh, (author of The Witch of Babylon) for the fabulous review she posted on Amazon:

“Beautiful, atmospheric and engaging, The Beggar’s Opera gives us a different picture of Cuba, almost an insider’s view. In the grand noir tradition, it also introduces a fascinating new detective – Inspector Ramirez – a man both with heart and intelligence. I really liked the contrast between the two police detectives, Mike Ellis, a Canadian vacationing in the country with his own secrets to hide and Ramirez who faces huge odds in trying to solve the crime Ellis is accused of. The story all plays out in a series of surprising twists that are entirely believable. Highly recommend this book.”

Thanks, Dorothy!

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3 Responses to Amazon’s Best Books for February

  1. Congratulations! I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.


  2. Peggy! That is terrific news. Amazon Editor’s Pick means you’re going to get huge sales. (including me)


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