My new (official) author’s website!

I have an “official author’s website now! There will be two websites shortly, as Penguin Canada is also doing a website for the Inspector Ramirez series and theirs is pretty incredible. But this one  is mine :-). 

I had quite a lot of discussion with my webmaster (the wonderful Michel Morin, based on Berlin) about whether to use the term “official author’s” website. I found out that most mystery authors do this and it seems to be almost be a convention, so we’ve used it too.

We wanted to make space on the website for foreign book jacket covers as these come in, so that page will be changing. But for now you can see the intriguing cover that the Dutch publisher, Unieboek, has created for The Beggar’s Opera, now known as “Shadowy Side” in The Netherlands.

We also have a wonderful gallery of photos from Havana, courtesy of the very talented E. Kaye Fulton.

And if all goes well (fingers crossed), we’ll be able to post instalments of a podcast of the prequel to The Beggar’s Opera by the amazing Canadian voice-over actor and pal, Thelma Farmer. She’s seeing if she can fit time into her busy schedule, but if she can swing it, we’ll pair the audio with more photographs that have been shared with me by my other friends and that should work well with this short story.

(As always, I have a backup plan if Thelma can’t do this, so fingers crossed that we can pull this together.)

So there is is! Exciting to finally have the website live – what do you think of it? (If the link is broken for any reason, you can always find it by going to

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9 Responses to My new (official) author’s website!

  1. Really looking forward to this book. If you are looking for more pictures of Havana – my uncle was there in October and has many – he’s also a photographer, from Cuba.


  2. Vicki says:

    Wahoo! Looks great, Peggy. I like that you’ve carried through the font from The Beggar’s Opera cover. Your webmaster did you proud. 🙂


    • Peggy Blair says:

      Thanks Vicki! Wanted something crisp, clean and easy to navigate that worked with the jacket cover, so glad you noticed the font! Penguin is doing an Inspector Ramirez website that is gorgeous. Love it. So exciting!


  3. Karen Opas says:

    Tried to visit via the link in your blog, but it would not go (maybe down this morning for a few changes?). I use Firefox, in case you check this with your web guru…

    I do enjoy comparing book covers from different countries. About a year ago I was wondering through a site that was showing covers (of the same book) from around the world. I remember being particularly struck by the cover design aesthetic in Brazil–it’s very sophisticated.

    I look forward to seeing the different versions of your book–but I look forward to reading it even more!


  4. The link wouldn’t work for me, either, Peggy…I use Google Chrome as my browser. Maybe check with your webmaster on this? I tried Googling you but only your blog came up. 😦


  5. Peggy Blair says:

    The link was broken; it’s fixed now! Sorry for the inconvenience; should work fine now.


  6. Karen Opas says:

    I was able to have a look at your site–nice job!

    Were you, by any chance, at the fundraiser for literacy at Play a few months back that featured Ian Rankin as the guest of honour? I took a friend there for her birthday present and he really impressed me! Nice to know he is generous with his contacts, too.


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