Blog Tours – What are they?

Now I had never heard of a blog tour until one of my Twitter followers mentioned she’d be organizing one. But it seems like a great way to market a book.

The jury seems to be out on whether it’s the publicist who arranges it, a fan, or a third party contracted by the publisher and there’s even an organization on-line where you can search for blogs that might be interested in participating. (There are also “tour coordinator specialists.” ) But however it’s set up, essentially it goes like this.

A number of different bloggers are approached to read the book and interview the author. They aren’t paid, and they don’t have to love the book (although that would obviously be better for the author). They just have to love reading and talking about books. The object is to build “buzz” by having an author appear on multiple blogs at roughly the same time, a kind of virtual tour.

This blog post has a great description of what’s involved as well as the ethics of it (no obligation to be a guest, no remuneration to bloggers, and no guarantees of good reviews, among others).

It sounds like a lot of work to plan (almost as much as a book launch!) but if someone is willing to take it on, it allows the author to make multiple pit stops without actually travelling. And in a country like Canada (where today we have a freezing rain warning in Ottawa), I can sure see the benefit of that.


Watch the book trailer for The Beggar’s Opera here!

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