Westjet? Air Canada? Anyone out there?

As you all know by now, my February book launch has a Cuban theme (since The Beggar’s Opera is set in Havana). After seeing this photograph, I have become obsessed (OBSESSED!) with having this cake. It’s the artistic creation of a Winnipeg bakery and it’s brilliant. (Photo credits to Nina at The Cake Studio).

This morning, I got both an email and a comment from Nina, the creator of that cake and owner of The Cake Studio, who had seen my blog post via a friend. She says she would be willing to fly the cake and herself from Winnipeg to Ottawa to attend my launch. Can you imagine???

This is a total stranger, but I think I love her. Imagine how much buzz that would create, here and back in the ‘Peg!

Now for us to do this, I need to do is find her a free return flight. I have enough Aeroplan points to get her here and back, but Air Canada wants 2 cents a mile to transfer them, which would amount to the $ 500 I couldn’t afford to pay to have the cake made here in the first place.

The publishing industry has been in the dumps lately –we need a party! Is there anyone out there from Westjet or Air Canada who might be willing to lend a hand? The launch will be an “Escape to Havana” night which would tie in nicely with those holiday vacations I’m sure you want us to take.  And obviously, news on this blog gets around!

Hello? Anyone out there?  Please pass this post along, folks, if you know anyone in the airline business, and let’s see if we can get this done! (And thanks again, Nina, for your incredibly generous offer. I hope we can find a way to make this work!)

Update: Nina had to back out; she booked a wedding. But Kate Green of Kate Green Cakes has come through for me, yay!!! So I can have my 1957 Chevy cake and eat it too. Check out the exquisite cakes on her website!!!


Check out the book trailer for The Beggar’s Opera! Penguin did an amazing job!

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6 Responses to Westjet? Air Canada? Anyone out there?

  1. That is an amazing cake. I hope it all works out!


  2. I wish I could help, but I’ll offer you a heartfelt good luck. That cake is incredible.


  3. Can’t you use your Aeroplan points to book a flight for her directly? I do it all the time for Liz’s kids and I’ve done it for friends in the past. Then the only cost is the admin fee of about $90.


    • Peggy Blair says:

      I think I’ve got the cake thing solved now — the Winnipeg baker ended up booking a wedding and can’t do it anymore but I found a great cake maker here who can. I’ll update that post. Thanks again!


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