Thoughtful Blogger Award — Jill Edmondson

I came across this blog award recently and since it allows me to nominate, select and award it myself, my pick is Jill Edmondson, author of the Sasha Jackson mysteries.

Not only does this busy lady promote her own books on her blog, but those of her author pals as well, and she does with content that’s always creative and interesting. And so, Jill, a well-deserved Thoughtful Blogger Award. Post it on your website and enjoy!

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6 Responses to Thoughtful Blogger Award — Jill Edmondson

  1. Thanks for the tip Peggy. Great blog site.


  2. I really like Jill. Good choice 🙂


  3. Nancy Curteman says:

    Hello Peggy,
    What a neat thing to do. How great to suggest the Thoughtful Blogger Award to a colleague.


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