Updates: Foreign Rights and the Euro-zone

By this time of year, we had expected The Beggar’s Opera to be the subject (object?) of a steady stream of European offers but the Euro zone crisis has really slowed things down. According to my UK agent, publishers are extra cautious. They’ll want to see how this book reviews and well how it does in Canada before committing. Which means a much slower start than we’d hoped for. It also suggests that we may need to negotiate contracts in US dollars. I’ve already taken a huge hit on the contracts that paid in Euros; down almost 30 per cent from when we signed. Sigh.

Amidst all the radio silence, it was a nice surprise to find this comment posted on my blog yesterday:

“I am an Italian literary translator and journalist and I have just finished reading your wonderful novel ‘Beggar’s Opera’ for an Italian publisher which seems interested in publishing it over here. Just felt like congratulating you for your book, one of the best noirs I’ve read over the last few years (and I read many…). I also organize a nice music and literature festival in Northern Italy. We’ve had the likes of Stanley Péan and Linwood Barclay appear. Please, stay in touch with me. You never know. And congratulations, once again.”

How very nice of someone so far away to be in touch. Thanks for that hopeful news and for the feedback, Seba. Much appreciated!

In other updates, Penguin is working on a mini-website (tentatively inspectorramirez.com) and a book trailer. I’ll have a better handle on what’s up when I see them, but the book trailer will go on Youtube and direct readers to the opening chapter of TBO.

I hope to have my own “official author” website up and running next month.

I leave for southern France on Sunday for a much needed break from work and aspiring authorship, and I’ll be off-grid until November 18th but I’ll post when I get back. Fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine in the Mediterranean.


 Check out Penguin Canada’s book trailer for The Beggar’s Opera  here! It’s pretty cool!

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