Updates on publication…

I’ve learned that The Beggar’s Opera‘s jacket cover  will have what’s called French flaps. These are the covers that have an extension that folds in (I love them because I can open that fold and use it as a bookmark). The Bishop’s Man, for example, has those flaps; so do all of Michael Chabon’s books.

I’ve asked if it might be possible for us to put a map of Havana inside, in the blank space and we’re checking — it may be too expensive, but if we can do it, it will be pretty cool.

The copy for the jacket cover for The Beggar’s Opera (except for blurbs) has now been finalized, too. It’s crisper than it was and reads better, I think.

When the blurbs come in, they’ll go on the back; the short synopsis will be on the inside cover flap, and the author bio will on the inside back cover flap.

Speaking of blurbs,  we got some great blurbs from Robert Rotenberg, bestselling author of Old City Hall.  Robert will be coming out to Ottawa this weekend for a Sunday brunch/reading at the NAC on Sunday with Pius Adesanmi, Craig Oliver and Richard Gwyn as part of the Writers Festival, which I plan to attend. Check it out!  It should be fun.

(Btw, my pal Hilary MacLeod is coming to town for the Capital Crime Writers’ Day to Kill. On Sunday, she will be signing Mind Over Mussels at Books on Beechwood, so why not drop by and see her? She’s an out-of-town guest in our city; let’s make her welcome. And buy her signed book!).

In other updates, D.J. McIntosh, whose The Witch of Babylon is getting rave reviews, and has now sold in 20 countries — wow!– has agreed to read TBO with a view towards blurbing it if she likes it (thanks, D.J!).

Louise Penny has declined for reasons of time. However, she is going to mention my story of how I met Ian Rankin/found an agent/got published because of the Debut Dagger shortlist on her blog since we’re getting close to the time for submissions to the CWA Debut Dagger to start again for next years’ shortlist.  (And I’ll bet that reference boosts pre-orders of TBO all by itself!)

I have a few notes out to other authors I had hoped to snag for blurbs. Most have declined due to time constraints, but all of them have been gracious and warm, and sometimes very funny, in explaining why they don’t do them anymore. Sometimes the declines have been so gracious it took me a while to realize the answer was ‘no.’

I also have a Facebook page now for The Beggar’s Opera, and will start posting book news there, so if you’re meandering around Facebook, come on by! I think that’s about it for now, but I’ll keep you posted.


 Check out Penguin Canada’s book trailer for The Beggar’s Opera  here! It’s pretty cool!

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3 Responses to Updates on publication…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Peggy, you must be getting excited now — I certainly am, on your behalf! And I must say I’m very envious of your French flaps — I love them too. It sounds like your publisher is pulling out all the stops for you. A much-deserved culmination to the first stages of a long journey.

    Thanks for mentioning my signing in Ottawa. My publisher tells me this morning that it’s a reading too. I’m confirming that. I’m very excited about my upcoming mini-tour. It can be quite addictive — this expecting news every day — of a review, a signing, an interview, responses to email about blurbs, etc. The author’s life is not nearly as quiet and contemplative as some might think!

    Thanks again,


  2. Skol Peggy – such an exciting time for you and lots to look forward to!….Dorothy


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