Apparently the ARCs (advanced readers copies) of The Beggar’s Opera have been shipped off to the agents and blurbers; mine should arrive today. Penguin asked for a synopsis or short summary of book two, The King’s Indian, which I’d guess means they’re getting ready to pitch that to US and UK publishers as well as TBO.

And my UK agent is coming to Canada in a few weeks so I’m planning to meet with him in Toronto for the first time face-to-face and catch up.

With the ARC out, I have some breathing space — my job is done for now, until marketing efforts kick in. But that means getting back to work on the next book.

I’m thinking of calling it Locard’s Theory — which refers to the inability to touch someone without transferring  hair, fibres etc. but also picking some of those up. For a book that involved a killer who travels between two countries, I think it fits the plot pretty well.

I’ve been picking away at it for months. I can tell I’m stuck when all I do is rewrite and rewrite the same old stuff but can’t seem to add anything new. This week I finally hit a breakthrough point — a small character became a larger one and that helped me tie together loose strings.

I can feel the pace of the book pick up just with that change, and I think (fingers crossed) that I’m almost there.

Apart from book stuff, I’ve been busy in the real estate world with clients — stickhandled multiple offers on a property last night which is always stressful. I also started constructing a wine cellar in the basement in the cold storage area under the stairs, only to find out that the cellar wasn’t under the stairs, it was the stairs.

Someone built a hollow frame, covered it with concrete to form exterior steps and cut a hole in the foundation and installed a doorway to gain access to it!

Now I have to figure out what to do with it. There’s no support beam over the door, meaning the foundation may have been weakened, but I’m not quite sure how we can go about strengthening it. Contractor on the way. * Sigh. * I have a feeling that instead of a wine cellar, I’m going to end up closing up the hole altogether and possibly removing the steps next year so that we can fix the foundation.

People who build houses can be a little nuts, I think — who the heck would build a closet into the outside stairs?  But it just goes to show how you never know what you may find behind the walls when you start renovating an old house. Or in my case, inside the steps.

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4 Responses to Updates

  1. Peggy, I really like the new title. Nice play on words.


  2. forensics4fiction says:

    I saw that you new project is entitled Locard’s Theory. I actually have copies of his original papers outlining that theory if you would liek to have them. I can send the .pdf versions if you don’t have them and are interested. Tom


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