Final Jacket Cover for The Beggar’s Opera

The subtleties of finessing a book cover! Here are the final two contenders.

On my computer, the colours are badly skewed but when they were side by side, everyone in my office liked the same one. 

It’s the first one!

The “orange” font is due to my scanner. The actual colour is a very bright red with a slightly orange undertone, and the sepia  is not as brown as it appears here; it’s very subtle. But when the two were side-by-side, there was almost no choice: the first cover was rich and deep and integrated even though we’re talking about only a shade’s difference.

The font will be embossed and will have gold around the letters. And finally, it’s off to production. Exciting! 

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4 Responses to Final Jacket Cover for The Beggar’s Opera

  1. Looks fantastic, Peggy! The gold-embossed letters will provide a striking contrast with the grainy sepia photo.


  2. Vicki says:

    Standout! I think the finished product with the gold and embossing is going to look stunning.


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