Change is … change.

After struggling for a week to make sense of Facebook’s changes, I have just logged on to my WordPress account to discover that stuff here has moved around as well.

What is that compels social media sites like these to change things that aren’t broken? It’s like coming home to discover that someone has rearranged my cutlery drawer and cupboards and when I need a spoon, I can’t find one.

There was nothing wrong that I can see with the old toolbar in WordPress. I could log-in and instantly go to statistics, comments or a new post.  With the changes, I wasn’t even sure if I was logged in and had to go to WordPress’s main site and track through several stages to get here.  How is that considered an improvement?  

It used to be that we traded cars every three or four years for new ones. Now that we seem firmly mired in a recession, is this relentless upgrading and tweaking the modern replacement for “newness”?

At least when I bought a new car, I could choose the model and the colour myself and decide when I wanted delivery. This constant “fixing” of what isn’t broken isn’t reassuring, believe me. It’s destabilizing and disorienting.

It reminds me of the genius working on a new oven who decided to put in a three month timer because it was technologically challenging, and because he could. This would allow the cook to set the oven in September for a turkey s/he wanted to bake at at Christmas. The fact that no one does that was irrelevant. Change is good.

Well, I think change is simply change, and we have enough of it in the uncertainty of our daily lives without having to adapt every time we log onto our computers. The sites I use for social media are tools. I want them to be easy to use and effortless. If I find myself pushing a pull door, I’m not the problem, the designer of the door is.

But both Facebook and WordPress have started to think we’re the tools instead of the users. And frankly, I’m getting tired of being tinkered with.

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2 Responses to Change is … change.

  1. I agree, the constant changes on FB are driving me nuts, and I don’t see why they needed to change WP either.

    This “relentless tweaking” (great phrase) is not limited to social media. I drove down to the US a couple of weeks ago for the express purpose of buying my favourite jeans, which are not available on this side of the border. Imagine my dismay at finding out that they had decided to change the style in all kinds of small ways, none of which seemed to make them more fashionable, but all of which affected the formerly perfect fit just a little. Grrr….


    • Peggy Blair says:

      I’m leaving FB this weekend and may give Google Plus a try. If that’s what FB is trying to emulate, I’d rather go to the source. It has better privacy controls too and (as yet), I don’t see the same aggressive data mining. Good campaign, FB. Alienate your followers. Idjuts. (I’ve had time to adjust and I still hate it.)


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