The Author’s Website

I have been looking at author websites with a view to what mine should look like. Some of them are really lovely, like Martin Cruz Smith’s. He’s also an artist and has included some of his pen and ink sketches in his gallery of photographs that informed and inspired his various books. The site is crisp and clean and easy to navigate. Love it, love it, love it. Triple love rating.

I’ve been on a few other famous author sites (they will not be named here) that were not quite as nice. I’m surprised at how cluttered, busy, and difficult to navigate so many of them are. I’m also surprised by how many well-known authors don’t have an official author’s website at all.

I have a good sense  now of the format that we’ll be using, the kind of feel it will have, and the kind of information that will be on it. One part that I’m quite excited about is a section on Cuba — the photographs, the music, and the art.

If any of you know any Cuban musicians or groups (or artists) that might be willing to let me use their music or display their paintings, let me know — I’m happy to give full credit and links to their websites.

Ron Goodlin, my dentist, and a damn good photographer (he graduated from the New York School of Photography) hasn’t been to Cuba himself but put me in touch with a professional photographer who has. Lance  Gitter is putting together a gallery of photographs of Cuba for me right now. Can’t wait to see them, and to help promote the work of another artist. While we wait, here’s a link to some of Lance’s beautiful pictures of Havana and Trinidad, Cuba, that are already on the Net. Gorgeous stuff. And here’s a link to Ron’s photographs, too. I think they’re amazing.

This weekend, I will need to find a little time to sort through and send the 150 photographs I have collected of Cuba so far (all wonderful shots provided by friends: thanks again, Beth, Brian, Bill, Susanne and Kaye) to my new webmaster, Michel, so that we can get started!

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