ARC is not a spelling mistake and no, I am not getting ready for the flood 🙂 (although we are bracing in Ottawa for minus 2 temperatures. I guess the geese had it right when they started leaving last week for warmer climates.)

The “ARC” is the Advance Reading Copy of a book enroute to publication. In my case, it will be sent by Penguin to prospective publishers in the UK and the US,  and by my agents to prospective foreign publishers. It will also be sent out to reviewers and to those who are providing blurbs for the jacket cover. 

Some of my friends were under the impression that the people who review books and/or provide blurbs either get paid to do it or create the blurbs without reading the books. Let me put those myths to rest. They don’t get a cent; all they get is an ARC to read.  And here is what the ARC jacket cover for The Beggar’s Opera looks like.

Because I am an artist, I’ve been quite involved in developing the cover.  (I’m sure my feedback has, at times, driven my commissioning editor a little nuts. )

We’re still tweaking the colours and I found that trying to describe a colour went beyond my writing skills.. There are thousands of shades and saying “lipstick red” or “apple red” just wasn’t cutting it. So I went to the local paint store, found what I was looking for quickly, and sent a few chips off to my commissioning editor by mail. Should have thought of that a couple of weeks ago, and made life simpler for everyone.

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