And this would be how NOT to query …

According to this story in the Associated Press,  last Thursday, a writer who had been ‘pestering’ a literary agent left behind a screenplay in a computer at his office. The agent called the police. They called in the bomb squad. I sure hope that wasn’t his original, because as my friend, author Hayden Trenholm says, he made a bang with his first script.


And we worry about rejection letters.

On my ‘how not to query’ list, please add the following, which I would have assumed to be self-evident:

1) do not pester agents to the point where they call the police,

2) do not make unannounced visits to literary agencies that are not representing you to pester them to the point where they call the police,

3)  confine yourself to querying according to agency guidelines (ie. submit written materials, not laptops), and

4) when an agent refuses your manuscript, accept the rejection gracefully. Do not leave behind a briefcase, carton, or anything remotely resembling a bomb.


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