About cats … and believable characters

This is a great blog post by my AW pal, Toni Dwiggins, about what happens when an author introduces a cat (or two) into the house. But probably my favourite non-cat related line in her blog  is this one, as the frustrated author tries to take charge of her manuscript since she has no hope of controlling the cat: “But my characters are still balking; they don’t believe in the plot.”

Doesn’t it seem that way at times? I sometimes think of my characters as stuck in limbo when I can’t get the plot right  — bitching about my uncertainty.

“That damn Peggy and her revisions,” I imagine the hotel maid saying. “She’s made me clean up the same room seven times already.”

“I know what you mean,” Ramirez agrees, nodding. “She can’t even make up her mind what day it is: I keep missing my appointments. Not to mention dinner. My wife is furious with me. And her.”

Maybe Toni’s right. Maybe it isn’t just a matter of our characters being believable: maybe they have to believe in us too.

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