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Well, it’s that time, I guess. With copy editing underway, mockup jacket covers being prepared and a book that will be out in February, 2012, I need to start thinking about author websites. This is not something that a publisher will pay for, by the way, which means I have to find an inexpensive but professional alternative to what I might have if I was paying for it with someone else’s money. (That’s my Scottish background kicking in.)

I need to figure out what bells and whistles I want on it. I’d love to be able to do podcasts (she says: a Luddite who has yet to figure out online banking). And have banners. The guest blog I did for Carolyn Arnold (plug, plug) had a banner that ran for weeks that said I was coming, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. It needs to be clean, crisp, cool and easily updated. But beyond that, I’m lost.

What else should I be looking at? How many pages do I need? Which authors have websites that you adore? Any ideas? Help!

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  1. Brian French says:

    I think weebly is fine. Allows audio and video posts, blogs, newsfeeds, Forum, etc. and is $2/mo see


  2. Simon says:

    Hi Peggy,

    I use Bluehost with WordPress installed. Key things to consider:
    – Newsletter function (ability for people to subscribe and for you to contact those people easily)
    – Analytics (such as Google – only show in town)
    – Ability to use a Content Management System (such as :))
    – Access to Plugins

    BTW I get nothing from Bluehost :), but they do have good 24/7 online chat support and when I was starting out – that was very useful.


  3. I use Webhostinghub…it got good reviews on several sites I checked. Also appeared easy to use for the tech-challenged (eg, me).

    It was pretty easy to build the site. However, I did use a template and that restricted where I could put things. I just didn’t have the skill to create it from scratch, but that can be done on the site.

    Customer support has been excellent–and I’ve tested it heavily.

    Good luck with it, Peggy. Given your excellent blog, I’d say you’ll come up with a great website.


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