Guest blogging today at Carolyn Arnold’s!

Guest blogging over at Carolyn Arnold’s blog today on author contracts: come take a look! Carolyn’s another Canadian mystery writer with (count ’em) seven mystery novels under her belt. I’m mightily impressed. There’s something about the Picton/Belleville area that seems to inspire mystery writers — Janet Kellough, Vicki Delaney, J.D. Carpenter and frequest guest blogger right here, Hilary Macleod, as well as Carolyn — all great writers!

You can check out Carolyn’s usual blog, all about the joys (and angst) of getting published at

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6 Responses to Guest blogging today at Carolyn Arnold’s!

  1. Thank you the mention, Peggy.


  2. Peggy Blair says:

    My pleasure – thanks for the invite!


  3. Thanks Peggy – there are a couple more as well – J.D. Carpenter and Hillary Macleod. Something in the water?


  4. Nena says:

    J.D Carpenter was once my favorite teacher. does he have an email address? I would love to be in touch with him. Maybe you could pass him my email address. Maybe he won’t even remember me.


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