Time out … for a little while!

Hey, everyone: I won’t be able to  keep up my usually frenetic pace of blogging for a few weeks. My house is going on the market next week and I have still have contractors coming in and out to get things done (we’re behind a couple of weeks because of the relentless bad weather). I also have a real estate exam to study for on Saturday and just learned that my cottage (sigh) needs major repairs (my dock is also submerged, apparently: did I mention the bad weather?)

When time permits,  I’m  working on a new trilogy (Rock, Paper, Scissors is the tentative name) and my agent and I have discussed my turning this blog into an e-book, so as usual, I’m  crazy busy. But there are lots of old/older posts with writing tips to help you through the angst/process/joys of getting published. 

And when my equally busy pal, Simon Royle, has time to finish writing it, I’ll post a guest blog on e-publishing by one of the best indies in the bizness (not to mention a damn good e-book reviewer).

So hang tough, wish me  luck (please: no broken legs!), and I’ll see you all in a couple of weeks!

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2 Responses to Time out … for a little while!

  1. Simon says:

    Write then… oops, a pun already 🙂

    I publicly commit that said bum is in said seat writing the next article for Peggy’s site. Soon then… my thoughts on one of the fiercest and finest addictions known to humankind – Authoring; or Heaven and Hell, writing and publishing.

    Once I’ve decided on the title I’ll get writing.


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