More on spam…

Sheesh. I write a blog post about Matthew McConaughey’s role in The Lincoln Lawyer and the next thing I know, my spam filter is clogged with ads for immigration lawyers, mail order law degrees and mail order women.

Speaking of clogs, after I shared the link to that post on Facebook, I was peppered with ads for hand-decorated wooden clogs. I’m not sure I understand how the bots made a link between wooden clogs and Matthew McConaughey (clogs make me think of Drano, personally) but it does make me wonder just how they target us. 

My Facebook ads at this very moment — I just checked —   include the following: an ad for “Lilac Lingerie” (no idea why that’s there), “The Belly Fat Detox,” guaranteed to knock off nine pounds a week (now we’re getting warmer, except that in two or three months, I’d weigh less than my cat)  and an invitation to be a backstage “Fashion Week VIP” courtesy of  L’Oreal.

I also have an ad on both my profile and home pages entitled “365 Things to do in Ottawa before You Die. The Bucket List.” The ad appears with a photograph of what looks like the world’s tiniest fawn being clutched in someone’s three fingered hand. It’s more than a little creepy. What’s the subliminal message –find a midget deer and strangle it while you still can? 

These ads assume it’s important to me to get backstage at Fashion Week and that to get there, all I need to do is hand-paint some wooden shoes, find myself a little deer to throttle, and wear purple lingerie. Which sounds more to me like a scavenger hunt than a bucket list, and probably a whole lot more fun.

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